Autonomous driving

The future lies in autonomous driving, and this is why we are already working on the realisation of demand responsive transport concepts with autonomous vehicles.

ioki and autonomous driving

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In test areas, we pursue our objectives of earliest deployment of autonomous technology in selected practical scenarios, the creation of new transportation options and the development of holistic vehicle concepts.

Nonetheless, we have already implemented autonomous driving in regular public transport services, and stand as a pioneer in this field. For example, in the spa town of Bad Birnbach in Lower Bavaria, we now operate the first self-driving bus service on public roads and are testing autonomous driving in combination with demand responsive mobility for the first time on a private site in Berlin.

As the first company with official approval for autonomous transportation in public space, we focus all our efforts on future progress in giant steps. At present, there are no standardised procedures for the approval of autonomous transportation services. In view of this, we are working together with partners from industry, science and politics on the further development of such systems and the corresponding regulatory framework.

Mit ioki gebe die Deutsche Bahn schon heute Antworten auf die Mobilitätsnachfrage von morgen.

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