Company Culture

Move forward

  • We shape the future of mobility
  • We do visionary and innovative work
  • We’re not afraid to challenge established ideas

Stay curious and play

  • We are curious and love to explore
  • We’re not scared of hard problems
  • We can be creative without fear of failure
  • We embrace failure because we learn from it

Do it right

  • We craft with passion
  • We create high quality products we can be proud of
  • We desire perfection and know when to be pragmatic
  • We create lasting solutions with sustainability in mind
  • We are motivated by creating real world value
  • We care about ecological sustainability and corporate responsibility

Be a teacher and a student

  • We are one team and not isolated units, our work is better when shared
  • We share our work freely and openly
  • We learn and educate each other
  • We enable and help each other
  • We learn from our success and mistakes together
  • We are always seeking and encouraging feedback
  • We advise and critique openly but in a constructive and respectful way
  • We reach out and invite people to share our work with them
  • We are a lighthouse for Deutsche Bahn and help them move forward

Take charge

  • We actively take on responsibility – of our work, our team, our tools, our ideas and our processes
  • We help and enable everyone to take on responsibility
  • We hold ourselves accountable and admit mistakes
  • It’s up to us to take initiative – when we see something needs to be done, we do it
  • Your voice matters, we speak up when we can add something

Always assume positive intent

  • We trust in our colleagues‘ skills and decisions.
  • We explore the reasoning behind other actions and choices.
  • We communicate and consider our own perspective.


  • We do not track hours but trust each other to do the best work
  • We encourage each other to have a life outside work and work in a way that supports it
  • We work wherever and whenever it makes the most sense to us
  • It’s okay to be offline after work

Smart organization

  • We implement structure and processes to support us and not the other way around
  • We encourage and promote self-organization and autonomy
  • We change our organization when it needs to be changed

Laugh a little

  • We know that humor and laughing is not the opposite of doing serious work
  • Our casual atmosphere is built on us appreciating and respecting each other
  • We appreciate before we criticize
  • We have fun!

Diversity welcome

  • We welcome people of diverse backgrounds and cultures, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, ability, ethnicity, socioeconomic status and religion (or lack thereof)
  • We are curious and embrace differing perspectives and backgrounds
  • We reject discrimination in any shape or form