About ioki

Our aim is to provide a supplement to public transport, not to replace it – our integrated mobility concept relieves the burden on public transport systems.

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Our vision

By the combination of innovative and existing concepts, we connect people and restore lost living space to them and our environment. ioki sees enormous potential in making public transport more sustainable and more efficient and enabling personal mobility without the need for car ownership – particularly in rural areas. The implementation of ridesharing makes personal mobility more public, while flexible, demand responsive transport solutions increase the relevance of public transport.

Many people decide not to use public transport due to the lack of suitable first and last-mile transportation options. Our objective is to close this gap and relieve the burden on public transport by the provision of demand-driven mobility solutions. We envisage the creation of convenient, seamless connections with optimum utilisation of resources in both urban and rural areas. Our aim is to provide a supplement to public transport, not to replace it.

The team behind ioki

At present, ioki employs more than 70 people at its offices in Frankfurt am Main: in addition to transportation specialists, our team also includes software developers and product designers. This enables us to analyse the demand for mobility concepts in towns and cities, communities and for transportation operators in our in-house teams or provide support in official approval procedures. ioki develops concepts and provides support in their realisation.


With our holistic mobility concept, we actively shape the mobility of tomorrow. We want to get things moving in a joint effort with strong partners: so come onboard and share this journey with us.