On-demand platform:

How we create mobility that meets your requirements

Demand-responsive transport – available everywhere to everyone at any time. As the market leader for on-demand mobility in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, we would be honoured to be the technology partner that helps you digitalise your service offering. We can either supplement your existing system or work with you to create new solutions for your end customers. With ISO27001 certification and our platform's multi-client capacity, we provide maximum security for your customers' data.

Our platform: high performance from a single source
We take a holistic view of mobility and look at the issues from every angle. For this reason, our unique platform underpins everything we do. It is composed of three applications in one – the user-friendly passenger app for your end customers, the operations app for drivers, and your control centre in the form of an administration tool for managing your on-demand service in the background. In line with your requirements, we can also incorporate route- and area-based transport services, including ones that comply with sections 42 and 43 of Germany's public transport act ("Personenbeförderungsgesetz"). This process takes in cost efficiency and sustainability, and our intelligent trip-combining algorithm guarantees the optimum utilisation level for your vehicles.

Driver app


The app for drivers is designed to make coordinating passengers and bookings easy. With its integrated turn-by-turn navigation system and function for contacting end customers, it is the ideal tool for the smooth and efficient management of your transport activities. 

For smartphones and tablets alike – the driver app is perfect for easy use on both types of end device. 

The app contains an integrated navigation feature, an overview of passengers in the order in which they are to be collected, and a contact option.

You choose your hardware

Our driver app is compatible with Android tablets and smartphones. This gives you flexibility when choosing your devices, and you can also install it on any appliances that are already in use at your company.

User-focused design

When developing our app, we were in close contact with drivers so we could take their views as users into account. Frequent testing makes sure that your drivers know how to make optimum use of the app, and this lets them concentrate their full attention on the road and their passengers.

Automating processes

If you wish, we can automate key functions such as the acceptance of booking requests.

Our experts are happy to assist

Benjamin Pfeifer
Christian Bäuerlein
Linda Feld

Christian Bäuerlein, Head of Backend Engineering

»Developing intelligent platforms for new mobility is my passion – and it has been for over ten years.«

Together towards success

As an interdisciplinary team, we always combine different perspectives and strengths and combine years of technical expertise with market know-how in our consulting services.