Demand responsive transportation platform

Our Mobility as a Service (MaaS) solution enables us to realise flexible mobility concepts that are intelligently integrated into existing public transport structures.

What makes the ioki demand responsive transportation platform different?

Demand responsive transport travel from A to B – our services enable demand-driven mobility. ioki can be individually adapted to fulfil every customer’s precise needs: regardless of whether existing services are digitalized, or if a public transport system is to be expanded by a flexible system as an alternative to private cars.

Tightly integrated in the public transport system, the objectives of our ridesharing concepts are focused on guaranteeing optimum utilisation of routes and vehicles. With ioki, besides product digitalisation, we naturally continue to take mobility-impaired or older passengers into our considerations. For instance, we also set our focus on booking by phone and barrier-free access.

In addition to this, our White Label app enables third parties such as towns and cities, transportation operators, public transport authorities or local and regional authorities to operate new forms of mobility in public transport under their own names and with their own corporate design.

Today, we already offer our partners smooth and seamless access to the future of mobility. ioki enables transportation operators, public transport authorities, towns and cities, rural districts and companies to offer demand-driven and modern mobility concepts. As a business division of Deutsche Bahn, we can naturally also draw on many decades of experience in passenger transportation.

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Mobile Apps

The demand responsive transport system contains two apps: passengers can book and pay for their journeys with just a couple of clicks. The app for drivers provides simple coordination of passengers, journey requests and the vehicle navigation system.

For passengers


ioki is available as a native app for iOS and Android smartphones.

Electronic payment

In addition to the cash payment option, all commonly used electronic payment options are integrated into the app.

Flexible branding

Our White Label solution allows the app to be perfectly matched to the design of each customer’s brand universe.

Integration in public transport systems

The app can be easily integrated into existing systems.

For drivers

Built-in navigation system

A navigation system is already integrated in the app and helps the driver to reach pick-up and drop-off points by the fastest possible route.

Everything at a glance

The tablet app offers drivers a smart navigation function at a glance and provides maximum support in the coordination of journey requests.

Driver-centric development

To guarantee optimum operating procedures, our app has been tested by drivers and precisely tailored to their special needs.

Automation of procedures

If required, important functions such as, for example, the receipt of booking requests, can be automated.

Tablets showing ioki On-Demand Driver App

Operator tool

Our administration tool allows operators to monitor fleet movements in real-time and permits intervention at any time if deviations from standard operating procedures are identified. The options available to operators include vehicle utilisation management and management of the fleet or individual vehicles.

ioki - Operator & Administration Tool

Vehicle deployment planning

Our system provides clearly laid-out and detailed tour scheduling for drivers.

Role-based access system

Precisely control which information and functions are available to whom and who is authorised to use them, e.g. Customer Care, Operations etc.

Vehicle utilisation management

The number of vehicles deployed can be adapted to meet actual demand. This guarantees maximum efficiency in the utilisation of your fleet.

User-centric design

The user-interface of our administrations tool was developed in collaboration with dispatchers and is ideally tailored to their needs.


The heart of our platform is the backend, where everything comes together: Our algorithm calculates optimum vehicle utilisation under consideration of minimum passenger waiting time on the basis of real-time inbound requests.

Monitor showing ioki mobility simulation


Thanks to hassle-free scalability, the platform adapts easily to individual needs.

Maximum data security

With us, all your data are in the safest of hands: We maintain full compliance with the European General Data Protection Regulation and will shortly also fulfil the standardised requirements for an information security management system (ISMS) as per ISO27001.

Intelligent pooling

Our algorithm enables intelligent polling and routing – passengers with similar journeys will be transported together on the most effective route.

Data analysis and export

You can continuously improve your demand responsive transport service portfolio with our wide range of detailed data analyses and evaluations.

Proven in practice

We test all aspects of our system in pilot projects in Frankfurt am Main and Wittlich: With employ user-feedback from ongoing operations for continuous adaptation, refinement and expansion of the platform.