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Support your locals – Now more than ever
In times of Corona, many companies and especially small shops, restaurants, cafés etc. are currently experiencing a massive drop in sales. But in order for us to still be proud of a colourful neighbourhood with a wide range of offers even after Corona, the principle of "Support your locals" applies now more than ever!

After all, it is not a given option at the moment to go out and enjoy a dinner at your favourite Italian restaurant around the corner or to buy a new piece for your spring wardrobe in the small shop next door. While these restrictions affect us all mostly in our attitude to life, they are also existential for the operators of all those contact points. Many freelancers are also no longer able to pursue their occupation .

They all face immense challenges – because in the long term, no one can survive without turnover. Now it is more important than ever to support each other and stand together: This applies equally to neighbors, local businesses and restaurants.

Even if many businesses are closed or open for limited hours only, there are various possibilities to  support them. In the past weeks many innovative ways of not only staying loyal to your favourite pubs and shops in times of crisis, but also providing targeted support have been created, thanks to digital media and online shops.For example, customers can use pay now eat later to buy vouchers to help bars, cafés and restaurants whose existence is at stake in order to have a chance to survive the crisis.

We have collected a few ideas on how we can support our local businesses And maybe there will be one or two Easter surprises in the basket after all:

Buy vouchers
Vouchers, which can be redeemed when times are better, support the current liquidity of local shops. Whether it’s a visit to the hairdresser’s or a brunch with the family: for the shop owners  it means that they can continue to pay their employees and bills. For customers, on the other hand, a voucher purchase means that they already have something to look forward to. Because – as we all know – anticipation is the greatest joy!

Delivery services and takeaway
In addition to the vouchers mentioned, there is another way to support your favourite restaurants: Thanks to delivery services and takeaways, food is now coming directly to your doorstep from many restaurants that previously had no ordering option.

Local shopping
Local shops such as bakeries or farmer’s shops are still open for  everyone. So shopping at the bakery is not only delicious and sustainable, but also helps to keep up the often family-run businesses.  By the way: Shopping at local shops does not only mean support in times of Corona, but is also the more sustainable way to shop in the long run. Becausenot only does it protect the environment by  short transportation routes of goods, but it also promotes the attractiveness and diversity of products from the region. It also strengthens the economy of its own region, which in turn creates jobs. A cycle from which everyone benefits!

In this sense: Join us in solidarity and support your locals!

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