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From the big picture to detail planning
Analyse, design, simulate: With the help of data-based studies, we create a profound mapping of the current mobility and service situation in your region and then derive a sensible target state on this basis.

The result is a blueprint for the ideal mobility mix that is tailored to your region and spans all modes of transport – whether it is the optimization of existing public transport services, the addition of car-sharing or micro-mobility services, or the introduction of an integrated on-demand system. Jointly we will create an efficient transport system and strengthen the importance of public transport in this system in a targeted manner.

Three arguments for a mobility analysis

1. Offer meets demand

Genuine needs-based justice can only be realised if the mobility needs of the population are mapped in detail.

2. Increase in efficiency

The more precise the planning of a mobility offer is in advance, the more fitting and efficient the offer on the road will ultimately be.

3. Holistic solution

Cross-modal, multimodal planning creates an optimised concept for every demand.

Three steps to a new mobility offer

Mobility analysis
An initial mobility analysis sets the foundation for successful optimization of the operation, reveals the actual mobility needs of the population and provides information about possible deficits in the current public transport offer.
Offer conception
As part of the service concept, various options for the further development of the service are examined – from rail connections through on-demand shuttles and optimized scheduled services to bike and car sharing services.
Operational simulation
We digitally map your entire service in advance along your individually selected operating parameters: from fleet size to vehicle size and service area boundaries to expected customer behavior.

Your individual analysis package

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Analysis of the public transport network in Germany with focus on rural areas

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»Understanding every aspect of mobility is what motivates me, and fifteen years of experience in the fields of transport planning and data analysis provide me with the tools I need.« 
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