Mobility Analytics

We support you in the planning and optimisation of a modern mobility offer for your region. To do so, we combine traffic planning expertise with big data analyses and your local know-how.

Tablett showing ioki mobility analytics simulation

The ideal mobility offer for your target group

We evaluate mobility offers from a customer and operator perspective with regard to their economic and ecological impact and thus optimally integrate new forms of mobility into your existing transport system. We achieve this by simulating transport demand in a very detailed way. This enables us to jointly create the ideal conditions for a modern public transport system that fulfils diverse customer requirements.

Mobility Analytics: Five steps to a tailor-made mobility solution

1. Data driven analysis of the planning area

With a detailed insight into the local structures and conditions, we understand known and unknown problems of your region.

2. Simulate the demand
for mobility

We simulate detailed door-to-door mobility tracks of the population based on anonymous movement data.

3. Identify potential on-demand areas

We can precisely identify areas where an on-demand offer can best complement existing public transport to strengthen your overall product.

4. Simulate operational setup

For various on-demand product configurations, we determine your optimal vehicle fleet for the right mix of cost and quality.

5. Derive profitability

By combining supply and demand, we can make accurate statements about the profitability of your planned on-demand service.