Mobility Analytics

With big-data analysis tools, we identify and analyse the suitability of areas for such operations before the launch of demand responsive transport services.

Tablett showing ioki mobility analytics simulation

What is mobility analytics?

We consider traffic flows in real-time and employ mobility analytics for timely identification of developments in mobility scenarios. As a result of our analyses, customers are aware of the key performance indicators that may be expected before operations begin – an especially important factor for sustainable transportation planning. To enable the best-possible integration of our platform, we consider existing transportation options and set a particular focus on public transport.

We identify potential areas for viable demand responsive transport services and simulate transportation demand to enable precisely tailored planning of your demand responsive transport system.

Demand responsive transport systems can be precisely planned with the aid of sequential mobility analytics tools:

1. Identification of areas with potential

We can identify specific service areas that are particularly attractive from a commercial point of view and will display high customer-acceptance.

2. Simulation of transportation demand

We identify prospective areas by the simulation of transportation demand on the basis of geographical and anonymised personal data.

3. Operational planning & vehicle deployment

The right vehicle at the right place at the right time: with the aid of our analysis tools, optimum vehicle management is guaranteed.

4. Estimation of economic viability

The aggregation of supply and demand enables us to make precise statements about the acceptance and economic viability of the planned demand responsive transport services.