Route management and navigation for public buses

Whether scheduled buses or rail replacement services: ioki Route is the solution for reliable and attractive public transport. Our solution speeds up driver training and makes bus routes easy to manage. Operations are flexibly tailored to respond to demand and road disruption.


Navigation app for bus drivers

The easy-to-use navigation app runs on standard Android smartphones and is based on well-known navigation applications. Bus drivers no longer need training on every route and can be deployed without detailed local route knowledge. Time-consuming and staff-intensive training sessions are a thing of the past. Avoiding stress – in both the driver’s seat and control centre – ensures satisfied employees and passengers.


Manage and plan routes

With ioki Route Control, bus routes are managed via a web application. New or time-limited routes can be created and sent to drivers in real time. ioki Route Control is easy to deploy alongside existing systems. With our solution, you manage your operations through a simple web browser. The result: employees and passengers reach their destination directly and on time.

The advantages of ioki Route at a glance

With ioki Route, the focus is on the driver: thanks to direct navigation guidance, vehicle-specific instructions and real-time updates on route changes, bus drivers can concentrate on driving safely and on the passengers. Even without extensive training, employees can use the application immediately.

Easy installation for transport companies

– No integration into on-board computer required
– ioki Route app runs on standard Android smartphones
– Operations management is via web browser
– Time and cost savings in the learning phase

Easy for employees

– The ioki Route app works just like everyday navigation apps
– Multilingual support for international employees (GER and ENG)
– No additional driver registration necessary

More flexible and reliable operation

– Avoid accidents and delays
– Easier personnel planning with more flexible driver deployment
– Easier route management with fully digital solution

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