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9. Feb 2024
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Navigation in bus transport: a look behind the scenes with ioki Route Control
No longer a luxury gadget: navigation apps are as much a part of travel and transport management as much as trains belong on rails and buses on the road. But what is actually behind successful and safe navigation in bus transport? And what happens when things need to be organised quickly?

ioki Route is the newest member of the ioki product family and addresses the challenges faced by bus companies. These include, for example, flexible personnel planning when drivers are unavailable or safe route planning – especially when there are changes at the last minute.

In another blog post, we already presented the ioki Route navigation app, which guides bus drivers safely through road traffic. But what happens in the background? Route management deals with route planning on a daily basis, sets up timetables and has to react quickly to urgent route changes. ioki Route Control is the software for the control centre that supports the entire route management process.

And this is how it works:
The control centre staff can access ioki Route Control quickly and easily via the web browser, meaning that no special hardware is required. The ioki Route Control interface is intuitive and clear, so that no extended training period is required.

The first step is to set up routes. These can be named either numerically or by name. If these routes are used in both directions, the respective direction can also be specified: i.e. from A to B and then from B to A. Planners can edit the route on a map using drag and drop. The exact route is automatically recalculated by Control so that (temporary) detours can be created within a few minutes. Updates to a route and basic warnings are forwarded to the apps in real time so that drivers can react in good time and are informed about danger spots.

Bus types can also be stored in the system – this prevents accidents that can occur, for example, when double-decker buses are navigated under bridges that are too low. These potential risks are stored in the app and displayed to users as soon as they are within a defined radius.

ioki Route Control ensures safe, reliable route planning and facilitates communication between the control centre and drivers. Developed close to the market and for the market, ioki Route is a game changer for bus services.

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Perspectives from Milena Akemann

Perspectives from Milena Akemann

Milena works as a Technical Product Manager in the Mobility Analytics & Consulting team. She came to ioki through an internship after completing her maths degree. As a mathematician, she has a passion for anything related to optimisation and it was important to her to use her skills to shape the future. She then discovered the area of mobility through a seminar at university on mathematical transport planning.

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