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Mobility analytics

Understanding mobility

How, when and why – our data-driven mobility analyses and simulations give us the unique ability to create a data-driven foundation for every environment and efficient mobility solutions. 

On-demand platform

Shaping mobility

As the market leader in Europe we will use our platform to get your individual mobility solution up and running within just 12 weeks.

Our offering

Mobility for everyone

All-inclusive projects or single stages, we support you on every step of the way towards creating your specific mobility offering. Our teams of experts help you make the very most of your plans – for efficient mobility.

Autonomous driving 

Innovating mobility

We think about tomorrow today – we are prepared for the future and are already working on bringing self-driving vehicles to our streets, for example as part of on-demand services.

»At SBB we design mobility – simple, personal, connected . With strategic partners such as ioki, we are able to successfully combine the strengths of public transport with the potentials of digitization and new forms of mobility – as can be experienced, for example, in our joint project in Biel.«


Björn Bender, Head of New Mobility Services SBB AG

Over 30 projects and services make us the largest on-demand platform provider in Europe

Our clients

Your challenge, our solution 

In rural areas

Improve the transport service in your region and give people in rural communities an attractive option: flexible mobility that is fully integrated with existing public transport networks, making it ideal for anyone who doesn’t want to use a car.

In urban areas

Create efficient transport links between every part of your town or city in the form of a single-route service or shuttle that criss-crosses neighbourhoods. We create smart and shared ride-hailing options that support your urban mobility network exactly where it’s needed.

Employee transport 

Give your employees access to an appealing, economical and ecological mobility solution that they can use to get to, from, and around at work.


Planning leisure time or holiday activities can often prove tricky without a car. Set a new standard for accessibility, sustainability and digitalisation by opting for demand-responsive transport solutions.

Our experts are happy to assist

Amir Shehadeh
Benjamin Pfeifer
Linda Feld

Start shaping the future of mobility of your existing transport or develop new ideas together with our experts. We look forward to hearing from you. 

News from the world of mobility 

Green Fleet

Green Fleet

Fleet management follows social and economic trends: New forms of work, digitization and the shift in values towards a greater understanding of sustainability are having an impact on the design of company-organized mobility. But what does this constant change in mobility structures mean for companies and where are the opportunities?

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The Vienna Model

The Vienna Model

Vienna’s public transport system is among the best in the world. The network is dense and the frequency is tight. It is so well developed that you don’t even need to know the timetable. A total of 2.61 million people are transported from A to B by public transport here every day. The popularity can also be seen in the modal split, because: The public transport users have overtaken the car drivers. Around 38 percent of the distances are covered by public transport, while “only” 27 percent are covered by car. But what makes vienna different from other cities?

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Perspectives from Jakob Muus

Perspectives from Jakob Muus

Jakob Muus is the founder and CEO of Tracks, a Berlin-based tech company with the goal of making road freight transport more efficient and sustainable through modern technologies. The platform developed by Tracks provides its users with analyses and recommendations for action, with which they can reduce the fuel consumption and CO2 emissions of their fleet. This not only improves the environmental balance but also the competitiveness of participating companies.

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Press review

»New DB service gets on-demand fleet rolling and complements public transport offering with last mile solution. «

»Autonomous minibus meets digital rail: self-driving shuttle service in Bad Birnbach between town centre and railway station as first on public roads.«


»Flexible bus driving in rural areas: First digital call-a-bus in Wittlich quadruples previous passenger numbers.«


»Hamburg’s inhabitants travel with demand-responsive e-shuttles at local tariff to the next public transport stop. Project success awarded with German Mobility Award 2019.«


Die Welt

»More overview, fewer cars – ioki experts analyse the impact of demand-responsive transport services in advance.«

»On-demand service tailored to rail transport simplifies commuting for commuters from Roche in Mannheim.«


Der Rote Renner