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Apr 6, 2022
/ Deutschland
DRT-project ioki Hamburg wins German Mobility Transition Award
(Frankfurt/Berlin/Hamburg, April 6th 2022) Pro Rail Alliance awards best practice examples • ioki Hamburg offers successful solution approach for the last mile • mobility transition and climate protection on the ground
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The on-demand-service “ioki Hamburg” wins the German Mobility Transition Award by transport association Allianz pro Schiene (“Pro Rail Alliance”) and is one of five award winners that were honoured today in Berlin. The jury praises the project’s vision of modern, sustainable mobility and its successful solution approach for the last mile. ioki Hamburg is a joint project by Verkehrsbetriebe Hamburg-Holstein (VHH) and ioki Gmbh, a subsidiary of Deutsche Bahn.

Users book the service on demand and travel to their destination without a fixed timetable or route. The service is an integral part of the Hamburg public transport system (hvv). Verkehrsbetriebe Hamburg-Holstein (VHH) and ioki, a subsidiary of Deutsche Bahn, have been implementing the on-demand service since 2018. Today, the eye-catching London Cabs with the ioki Hamburg logo are on the road in a total of seven areas on the outskirts of Hamburg and in neighbouring districts.

“We are delighted about this award, because it shows us once again that we have taken the right path with ioki Hamburg – and that it is worthwhile to continue on this path courageously, with a lot of commitment and passion. We enable local people to have more mobility with less traffic and thus have a real opportunity to change mobility habits in the future,” says Toralf Müller, Managing Director of VHH.

“Mobility transition and climate protection on the ground – that’s exactly what ioki Hamburg is. Flexible on-demand shuttles connect even more people quickly and easily to the existing public transport system and offer an alternative to their own car that is suitable for everyday use,” adds Dr Michael Barillère-Scholz, Managing Director of ioki.

ioki Hamburg as integral part of Hamburg’s public transport

Around 600,000 passengers and more than 2.6 million kilometres travelled show that services like ioki Hamburg are making an important contribution to the transport revolution. Around 88 percent of ioki Hamburg users have a season ticket from the hvv. 72 per-cent of journeys are used for the “first and last” mile to the front door and as a feeder to public transport. One out of three passengers consciously decides in favour of comfort-able and sustainable transport with the on-demand service and leaves their own car be-hind. This is confirmed by a scientific study conducted by the Technical University of Hamburg.


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