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Sep 12, 2023
/ Deutschland
ioki provides mobility analysis and software solution for demand-responsive transport WienMobil Hüpfer
(Vienna, 12th September 2023) Wiener Linien uses on-demand software from ioki • another on-demand service with ioki technology in Austria • combination of data analysis and a demand-oriented offer
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Since September 4th, citizens in Vienna’s 22nd district have been able to use a new, free public transport service. The WienMobil Hüpfer operates as an on-demand service on flexible routes according to the wishes of the passengers. ioki provides the on-demand technology for the new service and determined the design of the service in advance based on mobility data.

The WienMobil Hüpfer operates in a test area around the underground stations Hausfeldstraße and Aspern Nord (U2), as well as Kagraner Platz, Rennbahnweg and Aderklaaer Straße (U1) and also connects the S-Bahn (suburban train) stations Süßenbrunn and Gerasdorf. This integrates the service into the existing transport infrastructure and offers more mobility on the first and last mile. Passengers can simply book their ride with the Hüpfer via the app. The algorithm developed by ioki calculates the most suitable route and combines several ride requests. This so-called ridepooling approach avoids empty trips and adapts the offer to the mobility needs of the population.

Ridepooling and mobility analysis for an environmentally friendly alternative

Before the launch of the new service, the mobility experts from ioki conducted comprehensive data analyses on behalf of Wiener Linien. The goal: to identify potential on-demand areas in Vienna and to find out what possible effect traffic will have on mobility in the district. Through such integrated transport planning, different modes of transport are combined to convince more people of the benefits of public transport.

The WienMobil Hüpfer is another digital demand-responsive transport in Austria to use the ridepooling and routing technology by ioki. The tech company from Germany is one of the leading European software providers for on-demand transport and offers its customers a unique data approach for the simulation and analysis of mobility offers.

The pilot project in the 22nd district will run until August 2025. Find out more about the WienMobil hopper here.

Photocredit: © Wiener Linien/RobertPeres


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