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Oct 23, 2023
/ Deutschland
Autonomous on-demand mobility successfully tested: EU pilot project in Frankfurt
(Frankfurt, 20th of October) ioki delivers technology platform for autonomous mobility • Around 2,700 passengers since launch in November 2022 • Groundbreaking insights for autonomous on-demand mobility collected
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ioki, one of the leading European software companies specialising in digital mobility, provided the technological platform components for the EASYplus project in Frankfurt. Within EASYplus, automated vehicles (AV) have been operating in Frankfurt-Riederwald since November 2022. More than 2,700 passengers used the service for their everyday mobility. With the successful implementation of the ioki technology platform, the software provider is strengthening its presence in the European market for autonomous mobility.

The demand-responsive transport technology provided by ioki transmitted the ride requests to the highly automated vehicle system. The passenger app, as well as the pooling and routing algorithms are all powered by ioki. Citizens were able to book the autonomous shuttles flexibly via the RMV Easy app.

Lessons learned on the road to autonomous shared mobility

The operation of EASYplus provided valuable insights for autonomous driving and the use of the corresponding software and artificial intelligence in public transport. The insights will make a decisive contribution to the further development of autonomous mobility in public transport. They can be used to identify requirements for future on-demand services without safety drivers.

Concrete insights gained with EASYplus include the interaction between the vehicles’ software systems, by French company Easy Mile, and ioki’s on-demand booking app for automated planning and pooling, i.e., connecting ride requests, and optimising routes. In addition, the mobility behavior and evaluations of passengers showed openness to autonomous public transport services. The offer in Frankfurt-Riederwald was perceived very positively by the local people.

EASYplus is part of SHOW (SHared automation Operating models for Worldwide adoption). The EU-funded project aims to support the deployment of shared, connected and electrified automation in urban transport to enhance sustainable urban mobility.

Photocredit: © RMV/Arne Landwehr


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