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Apr 10, 2024
/ Deutschland
Up to 500 vehicles: ioki provides on-demand software for the German State of Schleswig-Holstein
(Frankfurt/Kiel, April 10th, 2024) The state’s transport company NAH.SH relies on ioki as software provider for on-demand transport • Up to 500 vehicles planned for integrated everyday mobility by the end of 2027 • innovative project SMILE24 with digital demand-responsive transport services powered by ioki
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ioki, one of the leading European software providers for demand-responsive mobility, is supplying the software for all digital demand-responsive transport services in Schleswig-Holstein until 2027. The Frankfurt-based company was awarded the contract following a Europe-wide tender for software-as-a-service solutions by the state’s transport company NAH.SH. This means that the on-demand platform from ioki plays a decisive role in the digitalisation of local public transport in Schleswig-Holstein.

The project will create the largest on-demand vehicle fleet in Germany with up to 500 vehicles, including the SMILE24 model project funded by the German government. Since its start in April SMILE24 has already increased the number of flexible shuttles from five to 25 vehicles.

Anthony Armiger II, Project Manager On-Demand Mobility at NAH.SH: “The expansion of NAH.SHUTTLE throughout Schleswig-Holstein is a logical step towards a transport transformation. In particular, the link between scheduled and demand-responsive transport is a key element for public transport in rural areas. A smart and user-friendly app is the basis for satisfied passengers and will encourage more people to use public transport.”

“We are proud to have won this tender and look forward to working with NAH.SH and local partners to further develop public transport in Schleswig-Holstein for people in the region,” says Michael Barillère-Scholz, Co-founder and Managing Director of ioki GmbH.

ioki has been providing the on-demand platform for flexible transport in Schleswig-Holstein since 2021. Thanks to the partnership between ioki and NAH.SH, cities, municipalities and districts in the state now have the opportunity to use the most modern software solution for demand-responsive transport. The operation of the services is carried out by local transport companies. Further on-demand services from the nationwide tender will follow this year.

About the on-demand transports in Schleswig-Holstein

  • In Schleswig-Holstein, there are three instantly bookable, fully flexible local transport services that run with software from ioki: remo (Rendsburg Mobil) in Rendsburg and the surrounding area (since August 2021), NAH.SHUTTLE in Süderbrarup (formerly smartes DorfSHUTTLE, since December 2021) and Lüttbus in Central North Frisia (since April 2023).
  • More than 102,000 passengers have travelled with the ten on-demand vehicles so far. Since the launch of SMILE24, 7,000 people have been using the flexible mobility offer via the app from ioki.
  • Passengers can get on and off the vehicles at over 5,000 virtual and physical stops throughout Schleswig-Holstein.
  • The digital service is popular: 99.8 per cent of bookings are made via the NAH.SHUTTLE app, which is rated 4.8 out of 5 stars by users.


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