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7. Jul.
/ Deutschland
ioki as a new partner of the Bad Hersfelder Festspiele – shuttle service for guests of honour at the festival premiere
Shuttle service at the Festspiele in Bad Hersfeld

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For the premiere of the 68th Bad Hersfelder Festspiele, a special service was offered to the guests of honour this year: ioki provided the shuttle service to the red carpet. ioki is the new business line of Deutsche Bahn AG, which develops smart mobility solutions for the future and offers tailor-made on-demand solutions in the city and the countryside. This year ioki is a new partner of the Bad Hersfelder Festspiele and uses the event’s cultural platform to promote its smart service. The hydrogen cars and electric TukTuks used are particularly environmentally friendly. The service will be offered exclusively for the festival premiere on 6 July in Bad Hersfeld for around 100 guests of honour from politics, business, culture and the media. ioki is already in talks with the city of Bad Hersfeld on further joint projects.

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