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Jul 16, 2019
/ Deutschland
One year ioki Hamburg: Innovative shuttle service successfully established
Around half of the passengers use the service to get to a public transport station • Shuttle service strengthens local public transport

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(Hamburg, July 18, 2019) After one year, the project partners of ioki Hamburg draw a positive balance: The individual shuttle service in the districts of Lurup and Osdorf is well received. ioki Hamburg takes passengers with 20 electric vehicles to their destinations – 24/7 and on flexible routes. Since the project launch one year ago, more than 215,000 passengers have taken advantage of the service and more than 160,000 journeys have been successfully completed.

“ioki Hamburg has exceeded our expectations. What particularly pleases us is the fact that our plan to strengthen local transport is paying off. About half of the passengers use the service to overcome the first and last mile to and from larger public transport stations with ioki Hamburg. We enable local people to be more mobile with less traffic and thus have a real chance to change mobility habits in the future,” says Michael Barillère-Scholz, CEO with ioki. “With the 20 electric vehicles in use 900,000 kilometres were driven emission-free in one year and 170 tonnes of carbon dioxide could be saved,” adds VHH CEO Toralf Müller.

Since the introduction of the surcharge of 1 € per person and ride in April 2019, the availability of the vehicles has increased significantly. 93 percent of all ride requests can already be served with a suitable offer. At the same time, the average waiting time has dropped considerably and is constantly less than five minutes, which already corresponds to the so-called “Hamburg Takt”. In the future, this will enable all residents of Hamburg to reach their destination quickly and reliably.

Hamburg’s traffic senator Michael Westhagemann: “We aim to relieve the situation on the streets and keep the air clean. In order to realise this vision we have to provide our residents with services that encourage them to abandon their own cars. That’s why we heavily expand bus and rail transport and also focus on new forms of mobility. This is where ioki comes into play: For one year now the shuttles in Osdorf and Lurup have been bringing people comfortably from A to B and thereby bridging the gap in public transport. Shared and connected mobility is an important cornerstone for mobility in the 21st century.”

One year of ioki Hamburg in figures

  1. ioki Hamburg was used by more than 215,000 passengers in its first year.
  2. More than 50 percent of the passengers use the service to get to a larger public transport station with ioki Hamburg.
  3. 87 percent of passengers used the service at least a second time (re-utilisation rate).
  4. 20 electric vehicles (LEVC) covered 900,000 kilometres in one year without any emissions and thus saved 170 tonnes of carbon dioxide.
  5. On average, 1.7 people per trip sat in an ioki shuttle. For comparison: an average of 1.47 people travel in a privately used car.
  6. More than 34,000 residents of Lurup and Osdorf have already downloaded the ioki Hamburg App.
  7. VHH recruited more than 50 drivers for the new service and trained them internally.

From autumn this year, ioki Hamburg will also start operations in Billbrook. The district of Billbrook consists mainly of an industrial estate. The service of ioki Hamburg will especially enable commuters to bridge the first and last mile to the existing public transport system, and the existing bus lines will be extended. At the beginning of August, test operations will begin with employees of selected companies based in Billbrook.

In the upcoming months, the integration into the Hamburger Verkehrsverbund (HVV) will also be intensified. The next step will be to show customers the nearest public transport connections in the app in the moment of disembarking the shuttle.

Source: Deutsche Bahn Presse


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