Our features for

your optimal mobility solution

You can customise your service in a way that works best for you.

We also offer you extra product features, which can be individually activated and used. You can gain an insight into some of our additional functions.

Our additional functions for your optimal mobility solution

Public Transport Integration

• Multimodal Trips
• Parallel Rides Prevention
• Public Transport Connections

Service Credits & Discounts

Service Credits & Passes
• Discounts & Promo Codes
• Refer-A-Friend


• Multiple Booking Solutions
• Passenger Update
• Serial Booking

Customer Communications

• Mass Push Notifications
• In-App Banner
• SMS Customer Contact

Driver & Vehicle

• Logbook
• Driver Emergency Button
• Tips

Operations Management

• Blacklisted Routes
• Restricted Areas
• Push Notifications to Drivers



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From the optimisation of existing public transport services, the addition of car sharing, e-scooters and rental bikes, or the introduction of an integrated on-demand system: with our analysis approach, we find the answers to your questions and accompany you through the planning and implementation process.

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