ioki Passenger App

Offer your customers an optimal experience

From the journey request to the booking and payment, your passenger experiences all services in one app – user-friendly, barrier-free and in your design.

Features for your optimal service

Travel information and public transport integration

Your customers are always informed of the exact departure and arrival times of the vehicles as well as any delays. Thanks to the deep integration into the existing public transport system, it is also possible to display information about passengers’ subsequent travel connections at local transport hubs directly in the app.


Our app is usable for everyone: For people with disabilities (BGG), we offer the possibility to select wheelchair transport in the booking process. In addition, our app can also be operated and used via voiceover, which was tested during development with blind users and analysed and optimised in UX expert reviews.

Individualised configuration

You determine whether and how functions such as pricing, ticketing systems, payment options, configuration of passengers and baggage units, accompanying advertising material such as promotion codes or public transport information can be used in your app.

The passenger app in your brand design

Your logo, your colours, your language – the app’s appearance can be changed in line with your specifications and tailored to suit the precise needs of your end users. This ensures that the new service is a seamless match for your existing brands and current range of services. You can run the product using your own name and present yourself to customers as the service provider, or we can help you design a new and independent look for the service.

Your contact for the mobility of the future

Benjamin Pfeifer
Christian Bäuerlein
Laura Reupke

Laura Reupke

Christian Bäuerlein, Chief Technology Officer

»Developing intelligent platforms for new mobility is my passion – and it has been for over ten years.« 
Together towards success
As an interdisciplinary team, we always combine different perspectives and strengths and combine years of technical expertise with market know-how in our consulting services.