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On-demand service integrated into the public transport system

hvv hop

“hvv hop”, formerly “ioki Hamburg”, is one of ioki GmbH’s flagship projects for needs-based and sustainable mobility in Germany. It is the first on-demand service to be integrated into local public transport nationwide, laying the foundation for flexible public transport in the country. The partner in the project is Verkehrsbetriebe Hamburg-Holstein GmbH (VHH mobility). The demand responsive transport solution is integrated into the hvv fare system and bridges the first and last mile as required.

The innovative on-demand project was honoured with the German Mobility Award in 2019 and the German Transport Transition Award in 2022. The service has further improved the networking of mobility services between rural and urban areas.

The service has now been used by over 1.1 million passengers. The 87 per cent re-use rate shows that Hamburg’s residents have responded positively to the service.

ioki Hamburg
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July 2018 until today

Fahrzeugberatung bei ioki

40 barrier-free vehicles

Marketing bei ioki
Operating form

On-demand traffic

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the service is tariff-integrated, plus surcharge

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Over 1.1 Million Passengers

Projektmanagement bei ioki
Service area

Hamburg district of Harburg, Stormarn district and Segeberg district

Numbers, data, facts

  • Re-use rate 87% 87%
  • Use as a public transport feeder 75% 75%
  • Users living in the service area 85% 85%

“The vast majority of passengers use hvv hop as a feeder to the next stop. That is a pleasing development. The more attractive local public transport becomes, the more we relieve the inner city of CO2 emissions, traffic noise and particulate matter.”

Dr. Lorenz Kasch, Managing Director vhh mobility

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