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Aug 27, 2019
/ Deutschland
Safe through Krefeld in the evening – SWK launches on-demand service for night traffic with ioki
(Berlin, 26 August 2019) No stops, no fixed routes and no timetable: Stadtwerke Krefeld (SWK) and ioki start a night traffic in Krefeld with “my SWCAR”, which can be booked via app. The on-demand shuttles supplement the public transport system flexibly during the off-peak hours between 8 pm and 4 am.

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The new mobility service will start on August the 27th with electric vehicles from the British manufacturer LEVC. The shuttles will be available at almost 20,000 virtual stops throughout Krefeld. Passengers with similar routes will be shuttled together on the fastest route. These carpools will ensure that the vehicles are used to their full capacity both economically and ecologically. They have six seats and are also barrier-free: wheelchair users can board the car via a ramp.

NRW Transport Minister Hendrik Wüst also welcomes the launch of “my SWCAR”: “The mobility of the future is digital, networked and cleaner than it is today. That’s why I’m very pleased when cities like Krefeld go ahead courageously and offer their citizens a good service with new projects – for clean mobility, for particularly flexible mobility. This is how we in North Rhine-Westphalia are making better and faster progress.”

The price of the new SWK offer ranges between a public transport ticket and a taxi ride and is staggered according the distance to the destination. If the passenger adds other passengers, they pay a reduced price. SWK MOBIL subscribers also receive a discount. “We don’t want to compete with taxi companies, and this is also demonstrated by our cooperation with the Knorrek taxi company, which operates the shuttles for us,” stresses SWK CEO Carsten Liedtke.

Picture rights: SWK Stadtwerke Krefeld AG, from left to right Marc Blondin, MdL and chairman of the CDU district association Krefeld, Benedikt Winzen, SWK supervisory board chairman, Kerstin Abraham, board member SWK, Carsten Liedtke, board member SWK, Hendrik Wüst, NRW transport minister, Frank Meyer, mayor Krefeld, Guido Stilling, managing director SWK MOBIL, Benjamin Pfeifer, ioki

On-demand mobility offers are just as good as the technology behind them. For this reason, Stadtwerke Krefeld relies on the IT platform of ioki, a subsidiary of Deutsche Bahn. ioki helps providers of transport services as well as municipalities and towns to offer new mobility services under their own name. For this purpose, an app is provided for the passenger, via which the shuttle can be booked, stating the price and approximate journey time. Customers can also pay directly via the app. The second app is for the drivers and shows the next passengers, bookings and the optimal route.

Benjamin Pfeifer, Head of Sales & Business Development at ioki, comments on the start of the project in Krefeld: “With SWK, we are delighted to bring on-demand night services onto the roads for the first time and thus supplement public transport sensibly in the off-peak hours. In this way we will come a step closer to our vision of ‘more mobility and less traffic’ and at the same time offer more security for the citizens”.


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