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Apr 5, 2024
/ Deutschland
Successful door-to-door: more than 5 million passengers use the on-demand platform from ioki
(Frankfurt, April 5th, 2024) Doubling the number of passengers • On-demand mobility established as part of public transport • Dr. Michael Barillère-Scholz and Benjamin Pfeifer confirmed as Managing Directors
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Over five million passengers have used the on-demand platform from ioki since it was founded in 2017. With passenger numbers doubling every year, the tech company is consolidating its position as the market leader for on-demand technology in the European public transport sector. Passengers now use the software-based on-demand buses with names such as hvv hop, EMMI-Mobil, NAH.SHUTTLE, Arriva Click IT and Stagecoach Connect in eight European countries.

ioki provides the technological centrepiece for the digitally bookable minibuses on demand. The innovative mobility services thus make an important contribution to more attractive and public everyday mobility and the achievement of climate targets.

“With our digital solutions, we are supporting the digital transformation in local public transport and creating tangible added value for passengers and transport companies. We are incredibly proud that our software-as-a-service approach continues to scale so strongly in the public transport sector,” says CEO and co-founder Dr. Michael Barillère-Scholz on the positive developments. “In autumn 2021, we reached one million users, and just two and a half years later we have an impressive five million passengers.”

ioki management confirmed again until the end of 2026

Under the leadership of Dr. Michael Barillère-Scholz and Benjamin Pfeifer, ioki has achieved significant milestones and international growth. Both managing directors will continue to lead the company over the next three years.

“For us, efficient local transport is always also digital local transport. Together with the industry and our customers, we want to successfully realise this huge development potential for passengers,” says Benjamin Pfeifer, Managing Director and Chief Commercial Officer. As an independent software and service company of Deutsche Bahn, ioki cooperates with various partners to achieve this. Most recently, ioki entered into a partnership with the teledriving start-up Vay and is involved in flagship projects such as SMILE24 in Schleswig-Holstein and the KIRA project for autonomous driving in public transport.

From data-based transport planning and the familiar on-demand platform to the intuitive bus navigation system: in expanding its product portfolio, ioki is pursuing the vision of a comprehensive digital end-to-end solution for holistic, integrated mobility. ioki wants to break new ground in the field of transport planning in particular. A further product launch is to follow in the second half of the year.


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