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8. May 2024
/ Germany
Easy on the road with the ioki Vehicle App: an insight into the navigational app for demand-responsive transport
The ioki Vehicle App is an important part of the ioki Platform alongside the ioki Passenger App and the ioki Operator. It has been specially developed to ensure the smoothest possible journey for drivers, a comfortable journey for passengers and efficient operations for transport companies. Currently, the implementation of on-demand transport is often associated with a high level of bureaucracy and paperwork. This is eliminated by using the ioki Platform and the app.

How does driving with the ioki software look on the road?

The app is available in all public app stores. After downloading it, drivers check in the vehicle by entering the licence plate number and the journey can begin

The vehicle planning created by the operator in the background is automatically displayed in the app as a task list, which the drivers work through one after the other. Operating the app is designed to be as simple as possible. Administrative tasks in the app have been deliberately reduced so that the driver receives the best possible support during their shift and can concentrate on important tasks, such as driving safely and politely interacting with passengers. Despite this reduction, a sufficient flow of information to the customer is ensured. Largely automated communication keeps the passenger up to date on arrival times, possible delays or invoice information.


As soon as a ride request appears, it is accepted by the driver in the app. The integrated time management system reminds the driver of the departure times so that the shuttle arrives at the destination on time. The algorithm calculates the ideal route, which is displayed in the navigation view of the app. When the driver arrives at the pick-up location, he or she confirms the passenger’s booking by entering the code displayed in the ioki Passenger App. The driving personnel then simply checks the other booking details via the ioki Vehicle App. In addition to tickets for public transport and luggage, this can also include items such as walking aids that need to be loaded into the vehicle.


On the road, the driver can fully concentrate on the traffic situation even if the journey involves picking up another passenger on the way (= ridepooling). This is because the algorithm automatically calculates the ideal route and displays the adapted navigation and the appropriate timing in the ioki Vehicle App, while taking into account various parameters such as the current traffic situation. For each action there is a strategy in place to prevent errors. This ensures an optimised passenger and driver experience. For example, when passengers check out, their geolocation is verified to avoid incorrect drop-offs.


Further functionalities and advantages of the app

The ioki Vehicle App makes it easier for drivers to document incidents before, during and after the journey. This includes, for example, direct communication with passengers via the app, the manual adjustment of a booking or cancellations, the recording of customer feedback and the possible deactivation of the vehicle in the event of technical failures. This creates a high degree of transparency, which enables the operator to optimise the on-demand service based on data.


The intuitive and minimalistic ioki Vehicle App reduces training times for drivers and other services from ioki support the self-learning process. This is particularly beneficial for operators with high driver fluctuation.

The app

  • offers many customisation options for drivers and operators,
  • is compatibility with iOS and Android devices,
  • can be downloaded in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store and


We are constantly improving the app through regular, intensive road tests and interviews with drivers. With the feedback function in the app, we also provide direct line between drivers and our development team.


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