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For a green city: Smart on-demand mobility in metropolitan areas

More mobility, less traffic

Designed to respond to what people need, our sustainable on-demand services reduce traffic pressure in towns and cities. At the same time, our flexible, digital solutions reduce journey times for passengers and intelligently pool rides so you can increase the cost efficiency and utilisation level of your vehicles. 

For your entire city, at any time

We work with you to enhance your services for your customer’s different needs – from mums with pushchairs to teenage wheelchair users and senior citizens carrying their shopping. With our support, you are not just in a position to offer services for off-peak hours and at night, but you can also reconnect outlying neighbourhoods to your city’s high-performance public transport network. 

ioki Hamburg – winner of the German Mobility Award 2019

Together with Verkehrsbetriebe Hamburg-Holstein GmbH and Hamburger Verkehrsverbund, we have connected peripheral areas with Osdorf, Lurup and Billbrook, which have a high residential density, but still no strong public transport coverage. Our innovative offer, which is integrated into the local tariff and thus offers an everyday alternative to individual transport, shows that mobility solutions make an important contribution to inclusion. The project was therefore awarded with the German Mobility Award 2019.

ioki Hamburg brings passengers in the neighbourhoods of Osdorf, Lurup and Billbrook from A to B – demand-responsively, sustainably and integrated into the local public transport tariff.

From residential suburbs to industrial areaswe bring over 450 passengers from A to B every day.

  • Over 75% of our passengers use ioki to get to a larger stop elsewhere in the public transport network. 
  • Almost 90% of them use our service a second time at the very least. 
  • 20% have now opted to leave their cars at home and instead use the on-demand service and, by extension, the public transport network. 
“Transforming transport doesn’t just need a shift in personal attitudes  what happens on the streets is even more important. ioki Hamburg and our emission-free shuttles show our pioneering spirit and give people a good reason to leave their cars at home.”


Toralf Müller, CEO Verkehrsbetriebe Hamburg-Holstein GmbH



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Whether urban, rural or employee mobility or as a tourist product: together with you, we shape the mobility of the future. You have another challenge? No problem, contact us. We will be happy to develop an individual solution for you.